Radish – 5 Reason to Love Radish


Radish when served raw is very rich in Vitamin C. It is commonly served as a salad or in some other parts of the world, it is served cooked with some other ingredients or as a soup. The raw radish is usually crisp and sweet when fresh but can be bitter when left for a long time.

Although excessive cooking may cause degradation of some of the vitamins, but with moderate cooking, radish is still a very healthy choice of nutrient and vitamin intake.


Type:                      An edible root vegetable

Preparation:       Raw, Cooked or Pickled

5 Reason to Love Radish

1. Great for Diet

Low in calories, high in nutrients, radish is truly to be one of the best foods for people who are on diet. Not only it helps to keep you feel full and provides tons of essential nutrients for your daily needs, it keep you away from all those nasty distractions.

2. Ease in indigestion:

Radish is known to be one of the best natural cleansing agents for the digestive system. It have the calming effect which helps in relieve bloating.

3. Boost immune system

In each crunchy goodness, the high Vitamin C content in radish helps boost you immune system. This helps your body in fighting off infections and prevents or reduces common cold.

4. Detox / Anti-Cancer

One of the most amazing properties of radish is its ability to detox. It aids our liver in cleansing our bodies from harmful toxin and cancer-causing free radicals from our body. With the reduce toxin in our body, it also mean that the risk of some other health complications are reduced, such as; cancer, kidney disorder, liver damage due to excessive consumption of alcohol etc.

5. Taste Great!!!

You can eat it any way you like, it is juicy, crispy and very easy to prepare.

Radish Slice

Where you can get it?

Radish is really common and rather cheap in most places in the world. You can usually find them in Supermarkets or some Wet Market Stalls, just take note, try to buy those which are fresh, if not they can be rather bitter and tough to chew. If that is the case, a healthy Radish soup can always be one of your options.

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