Parents The Best Gift from God

Best Gift from God

Are the first people who let us experience love.

“They are our Parents.”

As a Child, you say “I Love You” to your parent before you doze off to the dreamland. Do you still remember why?

  • They are heroes and heroine who have protected us from that scary monsters that haunt you at night.
  • They are the providers who give us warmth and love.
  • They are the gardeners who shelter us from storms and wind.
  • They are the first teachers who teach us the way of life.
  • They are the ones who inspire usour dreams and ambition.
  • They are the believers who believe in us when no one else does.
  • They are the ones who teach us to forgive others for their mistakes.
  • They are the doctors who nurse us to health when we are sick.
  • They are the storytellers who triggers our imaginations with amazing stories of prince and princess.
  • They are the ones who are the first to show us love beyond anything else.

Lastly, they are the ones who give us life.



Always love our parents even when they are old, weak and sometimes naggy.

Because they have always loved us since the day we were born, when we were young, fragile and ask tonnes of questions.

Parents are the best Gift from God. Remember to treasure them, as how they treasure us.

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Family Guy is an part time blogger where he gets his inspiration from the people around him. He believe love starts from within and thus love starts from this amazing place called, "The Family".

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