Mom, I Love You

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As a parent now, I finally understand how my mom feels when I come home late or hang out with bad companies. Mom, I am sorry that I have made you worried when I was a kid. Even now, when I am all grown up, you still cook herbal tea for me so that I will stay healthy, yet day by day I see you grow older.

Mom… I don’t want you to grow old.

I am a grown up now, it is my turn to take care of you. I want you to be by my side…. always…

Mom I Love You so much.

Thank you for all the Love you have given to me for all these years.

I Love My Mom

Mom, I Love You

Age 10: I love you, mom!

Age 16: My mom is so annoying!

Age 18: I wanna leave this house.

Age 25: Mom, you are right.

Age 30: Mom, forgive me.

Age 50: I don’t wanna lose my mom

Age 70: Mom, I love you so much…


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