Inspirational Video About Life – A Glass of Water

~ Be Inspired and Motivated ~

By a Simple Story about a Glass of Water.


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A Glass of Water

A Psychologist was teaching stress management to an audience…

She raised a cup of water and asked the class

“How heavy do you think this glass of water is?”

Expecting another “Half-full, Half-empty” question, the class give various answers

“16oz! 15 oz! Oh wait! Maybe 12.5oz! etc..”

She smiled and said:”The absolute weight doesn’t matter”

“It depends on how long you hold it”

“A minute and it won’t be a problem”

“After an hour I may feel a dull ache”

“If I hold it a day, my arm will feel paralyzed”


“The weight of the water never changed”

“The longer I hold, the heavier it felt”

“The stress and worries of life is just like the cup of water”

“Think of them a while, nothing happens”

“Think about them longer and it starts to hurt…”

“Think about them longer and you’ll feel paralyzed and helpless”

“Learn to put the glass down”

“Live Happy, Because You Deserves It!”


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