How is water important to us

Water is a liquid that is the most common and can be literally found anywhere. They can appear invisible to us as water vapours in the air or as large as the mass of water in the ocean. With the combined forces of nature, water can even form the ice continent of Antarctica. And finally, water is one of the basic components that forms life.

Water in the form of Air, Liquid, Solid and Life

H2O and Us

Water is one of the most important components that we are made up of. Without the existence of water, life itself cannot exist.

On average, an adult human consist of around 60 to 70 percent water and the percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75 percent. In fact, most of the water in the human body can be found in three main locations;

  • Within our cells,
  • In the space between our cells
  • In our blood.
Less water retention as you Aged

Role of H2O in our body

Keeping our cells hydrated is what keep us alive. Water or H2O consist of elements that are essential for biochemical reactions; each water molecule is made up of 2 Hydrogen atom and 1 Oxygen atom.

Water plays an important role in the biochemical reactions in our body and without the presence of water, our cells will start to die off and eventually our organs will start failing and so on.

Water is vital in keeping us alive, while some parts of our body such as our brain and cells require more water and others such as our bone requires less. It is the balance of water intake daily that keeps us healthy and able to perform well.

Importance of water


Dehydration or the lack of water can be disastrous, while in some cases it can cause death. It is the balance of daily water intake that keeps us healthy.

Some people knowing the importance of water and the benefits it gives start drinking alkaline water, which is proved by many experts to be quite beneficial to the body.

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The Bottom Line

It is just as important to know how much water you should take daily, as how much should you sleep each day.


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