9 Little Things Your Dad Never Told You About

6. You made him fall in love with your mama again.

Mama is pregnant, nine months of hormonal change can drive many men to the knees. While mama is working hard, it is also the time when the man has to overcome one of the most challenging moments in his life.

At the same moment, he discovers how much he loves your mama and be enlightened as a loving husband and your dad.

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7. He looks like a Superhero from the Movies.

He is no superhero, he is just another human made of flesh and blood. But with you around, his protection instinct override his survival instinct.

Now, when he hears his little girl/ boy is in trouble. You can always count on him to the rescue.

Because to him, protecting you means much more than his safety.

Introducing … Super Dad… =D

8. You are the best gift he could ever have.

A brand new watch or even a once in a lifetime concert by his favourite band cannot even come close to a simple “I Love You Dad”.

He takes pride in having you as his daughter/ son. You are the best gift he could ever have.

“I Love You, Daddy.”

9. He would do it all over again.

No matter how much you have changed his life or what sacrifices that he might have made for you. You are his pride and his prized treasure.

If you ask him to choose between being the coolest guy or the richest man on earth, he will not choose either, but choose you any day. Because you are his wealth and his pride.

Having you as his child, he is already the coolest dad with the greatest treasure in the world.

Because your dad loves you.

“I Will Always Love You, My Child.”

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