9 Little Things Your Dad Never Told You About

1. He panicked on the news of your arrival.

Even he is a full-grown man who had battled long and hard against all odds. And emerge victorious in the battle with love and sincerity to finally won the love of his life; your mother.

Your dad’s guys friend had all been talking about the experience of having a baby. The experience which can strike terror to a full-grown man. Which is probably true, but he loves you anyway

Which is probably true, but he loves you anyway.

What Should I Do?

2. Your dad used to be a cool guy with the coolest car or motorbike.

When you arrive, he traded his awesome sports series for this family series which he can drive you around.

Now he is no long the cool guy he once was, but the great dad he is now. The loving and caring guy who always think of his family before himself.

Once upon a time

3. He really loves to eat junk food too.

Potato chips, wedges, cheese rings all these amazing creations of the recent centuries have made millions fall in love with them, that includes your dad.

But your dad had always backed your mum up when your mum doesn’t let you eat junk food. He too has never touch junk food ever since you become conscious of the world.


Simply because he wants you to be healthy, so he stop eating junk food as well.

Or so you thought.

Chomp Chomp Chomp…

4. He once hated to eat peas too.

Staring at these little round seeds of horror, the looks, the smell, the taste; it struck fear to many kids who are forced to have them as part of their diet.

Nonetheless, whatever your mum cooks, your dad will eat. Your dad had been eating them since you starts to remember stuff. It makes you wonder does it really taste that good?

Little do you know, your dad had a phobia for peas since young but he wants you to be healthy, thus he is leading by example. Pea by pea you starts to put into your mouth,  slowly you find that it doesn’t taste so bad.

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5. You are the reason he goes to work every day.

Highly demanding boss, nosy colleagues and tonnes of documents that seem to magically grow each day are some of the things you will expect in many workplaces.

Every single day is like a battle against time, a stressful and endless battle, which will drain every bit of energy from every grown man and woman.

Yet each and every single day, he left for work and return with a smile on his face, though you can see from his tattered body and tiring eyes it had been a long and tough battle at work again.

But he never really complains, because you are the reason he works hard every day to bring food to the table.

Do I look tired?

And do you remember about the iPhone you have always whining about not having? Yes, he is working as hard as he could so he can afford to give you an iPhone in your next birthday. Not the latest

Yes, he is working as hard as he could so he can afford to give you an iPhone in your next birthday. Not the latest version though.

Just simply because he wants you to be happy.

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